Paul Russell GALLERIES


Beside the sea, Seaside
English seaside

man and beast
Country show


Brighton 2013

2015 selection


Brighton v Bath

Paul Russell EXTRAS
2014 selection

Weymouth on crutches 2014

2013 photos

2013 sketches

Beside the sea:
Old long edit

Hi visibility

Eastleigh 2013

Story: the Dorset Show, 2011

Diary 2004-8

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UK street & documentary photographer. Weymouth

Weymouth  Bridport  Weymouth 

Ladies, Bristol  Bournemouth  Weymouth, 2015 

Charity, Bournemouth  Brighton  London 

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"I was just trying to make it like a painting where you can see the different parts but then you also see the whole of it ... and you're never quite sure if the third person is talking or the first person is talking. But as you look at the whole thing, it really doesn't matter." - Bob Dylan [on writing the song Tangled up in Blue]

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Street photography. Britain's leading cartographer of the psychogeographic landscape.